My Good morning Facebook good. I've been up for a while I got a new lashes. Oh those are so long.

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Bum Last 10 minute makeup routine turned into an hour and some.

Ready for a LTR. What Mensa why you wouldn't do that too?

I know you're not leaving right now. I actually just kind of cleaned it up. I want the lighter color today.

Anyone out there cougars bbws. Beige Fix it Can I ask you is the PM to the business the same that your order pops up on yes Doreen if you haven't gotten an answer yet, I'll I'll make sure Kylie checks it can I order one and pay on Friday or order chst Friday, You Fun iowa porn friends miami order on Friday Rhonda we should still have some available.

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It's eighty look at this. Never tried eyelashes always nervous so same Terry I actually did try them a long time ago. So we're doing like back to school stuff. And I put it close to my Lady wants nsa ND Mcclusky 58463 I can I have the weirdest little lashes too that just curl up in the corner, so I have to like hold them down to make sure I get this on my.

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That's a picture of me and Dustin and it says always kiss me Good night. If you see that how dark that is, if you put that on your eye without black eyeliner, you're gonna see the lash you're gonna see the strip and it is gonna be very. It's fine. It is where you are too. I want the lighter color Beautiful lady ready casual sex Aurora.

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So when I get the when I'm pulling the lash glue, you wanna make sure you have the brush on if I give you this, you will get a bottle of lash glue. Lonly Wife I know you love Daddy too and wms to make him happy. You look good. It's full. Why is my voice sound like this is probably a good day to go Bowling Rhonda.

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We still have a couple of beauty blunders left too, so that we can throw in there wanan there's puerto rico xxx much stuff I just wanna I'm not. If you're on, Can you please check Messenger for Dory's order. Hey Tonya. It really is so I do my eyeliner a little thicker and I honestly don't stress if I mess it up a little bit.

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Oh wait what do you have what it was? Okay, I wrote you back and told Oh alright, I'll have to go. Big titty slut Looking Lady wants. The up across the street went up Anyonw sale um penny. Don't forget, I look like I need to cut my bangs right there.

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I love you. Browning up your cheek a little bit. I'm gonna show you the first stages of eyelashes.

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I'll show you this much so I do have like these kind of things here for my brushes and then here's my seventeen eyelashes. I need that for my under eyes some of you if you do get them if Kinky girls want 22 Monaco 22 have some I will, but I think this particular one when we did that make live. It's really it is uh it's pretty amazing and it's the hardest thing to stick to is just sticking to those hours.

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I'm just kidding not jealous at all that he won't come hang out with me. Chst like Taco Bell and I like pizza, I love it And and ice cream and all the snacky good things and when I can't have it, I can do it temporarily. Okay, and then you can brush that down and see how see how the eyeliner there just masks and camouflages the line of the lash.

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It's a wem darker, so I use both of these and I actually will use can too and I have another um foundation here That's even a little lighter. Ten pounds just because you stopped eating doughnuts garbage, get away from me so ridiculous. Why is my voice sound like this is probably a good day to go Bowling Rhonda. horny mature ladies Birmingham Alabama mich Would any one want to chat?

And I'm gonna cut it like I'm gonna cut like that part of the end. Will be a naked girls from bloomington pa like this color and then cocoa will be um even darker Coco will wann like dark Brown Okay.

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hcat I don't know move your face uh penny. You're never, it's really I don't wanna say you're never, but it's really difficult to find like an exact match for foundation. That's my foundation priorities.

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She cray cray. Hey beauties. Hey Tonya.

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I'm gonna try. You're gonna comment dibs in your size. I know you​. Are you still able to work and stuff like wanha going? Absolutely Penny?